Welcome to the world of uncertainty in projects!

Have you ever seen a black swan in person? If you say not yet, well – you are not alone. Me neither. However, we have to be aware that we have not yet seen a black swan doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There is always element of uncertainty in this world or in this universe, should I say, we live in.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote a book called “The Black Swan” to explain the nature of unpredictable highly improbable events. He gives the rise of the Internet, the personal computer, and the September 11 attacks as example of black swan events.

The challenge for all of us managing projects is how can we better manage both threats and opportunities that inherently exist in projects . Black Swan is a blog about managing uncertainty in projects to produce better project results. We will share the latest tools, techniques, and best practices to better manage both threats (negative risks) and opportunities (positive risks) in projects.